Full Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer DJ-8601

• Operation
• Automatic
• Configuration
• Bench-top


Product Description

- Test items: Red blood cells, White blood cells, WBCC, Crystals subtypes, Squamous epithelial cells, Non-squamous epithelial cells, Bacteria, Yeast, Casts, Sperm, Mucus and other components in urine.

- Detection principle: World- class neutron model, apply machine vision and SVM technology to do a full range of image segmentation, identification, classification and counting.

- Channel: Two-channels.

- Test speed: 60 samples/hour.

- Sample volume: Minimum volume: 2 ml non-centrifugal urine ; Aspirating volume : about 1 ml.

- Sample handling: Samples are detected directly on the machine without centrifugation.

- Sample loading method: Sample rack loading, automatic sample mixing and aspiration.

- Test sensitivity: 1 objective/ul.

- Data storage: More than 600000.

- Lens: Olympus lens.

- Network communication: Bi-lateral communication, connectable to LIS or HIS.

- Standard sample loading quantity: 60 samples.
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