the qualifying session for the 44
the qualifying session for the 44
The presence of the Director General of the Department of Health in Baghdad's Rusafa
Scientific ALMUBDAA company in Qualifying session (44) for graduates of colleges of science and pharmacists.

Under the slogan (the quality of laboratory services the foundation stone for upgrading the health situation), has set up the Department of Health Baghdad Rusafa and cooperation with scientific ALMUBDAA company rehabilitative forty-fourth session of the graduates of the faculties of science and pharmacology in allergies and asthma center. And Dr. Abdul Ghani Hamdan Saadoun al-Saadi (Director General of Health Baghdad Rusafa circle) in his address to the opening session that many medical decisions and rely mainly on laboratory analysis is therefore important medical joints in the improvement in the service ..
Noting that the provision of all basic supplies and services laboratory and human cadres important and essential factor in the development of laboratory service, so the department has set up this session and prepare the cadres of trained and well suited.
He added that the number of participants in this session 51 different subsidiaries of the department of health institutions and health Rusafa is the fourth health department maintains this session after the health of Karkh, Basra and Kirkuk, and this is scientifically calculated to provide circuit.
As Dr. Ahmed Alaa director of technical matters department added that this session for a year, during which participants receive theoretical lectures and practical which allows the participant to open a laboratory there for the development of information on the side of jurisdiction .. stressing that the lecturers from the department as well as from the Central Health Laboratory and with the participation of professors from the Ministry of Higher Education .

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