-Automatic, Random Access, Touch Screen
-Up to 100 tests per hour
-Reagent pre-heating, liquid level detection
-Labor saving, simple programming and real walk-away operation
-Micro-volume for sample and reagent
-User-friendly software, simplicity and flexibility for operation
-Multi-language software supported

Technical Specifications:

-Throughput: 120 tests/hour
-Analytical modes: End-point, Two Point, Kinetic
-Programming: Open system with user defined programs
-Automatic, Random Access
-STAT sample priority
-9 positions for sample
-Sample Volume: 3-45uL, 0.5uL adjustable
-26 positions for reagents
-Refrigerated temperature: 4-15 °C
-Reagent volume: R1: 180-450uL, 1uL adjustable
R2: 30-250uL, 1uL adjustable
-Reaction Position: 90 cuvettes, 10 cuvettes/strip
-Reaction volume: 180-500uL
-Lamp: Halogen lamp
-Absorbance range: 0-3.500Abs
-Wavelengths: 8 wavelengths from 340-700nm
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