Phototherapy eyes cover

Phototherapy masks have been designed to aid newborn babies suffering from jaundice.This product could provide superior light-blocking protection on baby's eyes when it is under phototherapy treatment or anytime a baby's eyes need protection.It is made from a latex-free soft material,ensures a perfect fit. Avialbe in 3 sizes in order to adapt to baby's head of different circumference from 20cm to 38cm,ensuring a perfect fit on every neonatal patient.

Product Features

1. Phototherapy Masks are made from a very soft velvet-fabrics foam which is comfortable and gentle on baby's skin.

2.The single-piece,wrap around design could firmly attach the head of babies to prevent unwanted movement and allows perfect fit

3.Superior block light with wavelength less than 800nm and other halmful waves to baby's eyes while headband design allows phototherapy light to reach baby's head.

4.Under biocompatibality and physical test;

5.Single patient use only

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