portable ultrasound US-12

Tech Parameters

4’ high resolution color LED backlight display, with high contrast and wide viewing angle;
Adopt ARM7 embedded control system +FPGA signal processing system + well selected ultrasound hardware system; all make the unit more stable.
Menu operation system, with different languages according to requirement including Spanish, English, French, Russian and Portuguese;
Two probe sockets auto-identify different optional probe;
Body marks total 64 kinds body marks indicating probe position;
Display mode:B、2B、4B 、B/M、M ;
Adjustable depth: 10 grades, max depth to 236mm;
Gray scale:256;
8 steps intelligent TGC;
Frame frequency: 30 frames /second
8 kind's pseudo colors;
Image storage: 4G hard disk to permanently store about 5000 frames images without loss when power off.
Cine loop:256 frames;
Puncture guide function with 2 correctable puncture guiding lines (adjustable angle & position) ;
The gravel software package with real-time position line measurement
Normal measurement: distance perimeter, area, volume, angle, length and area stenosis ratio measurement.
Cardio measurement:Depth, slope, heart rate, cycle;
Gynecology measurement and analysis: gynecology general measurement and gynecology report.
OB measurement including: 15 kind of obstetric software, several GA measurement, amniotic fluid index, fetal growth curve and OB report.
Urology measurement and analysis: residual urine volume, prostate volume, and urology report.
One-key store: concise and practical;
One-key review:fast, practical image review function;
One-key Print;
One-key Transfer the current frozen image to net workstation to complete its image text report and print directly;
Concise and practical, easy operation. The system includes network workstation to complete data & report management (You don’t need to invest more to buy extra ultrasound working station) ;
Unique One-key-light keyboard function for black room use;
Display brightness adjustable;
Dual TV output: PAL/NTSC, can connect video printer when necessary;
Power supply:100-240V~2-0.6A frequency:50-60Hz;
Power supply adaptor output:8V 3.0A;
Main unit weight:5kg(without accessories);
Main unit dimension:256×150×326mm(L×W×H);

Portable Ultrasound Machines Main basic configuration:
Main unit 1pc;
5MHz convex probe 1pc;
Power supply adaptor 1pc;
Reticle 1pc;
Two probe sockets
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