portable ultrasound US-2000
Tech Parameters:
• 10" high resolution CRT monitor, line by line scanning without sparkle;
• Menu operation system, with different languages according to requirement including Spanish, English, French, Russian and Portuguese;
• Two probe sockets, auto-identify different optional probe;
• Body marks: total 64 kinds body marks indicating probe position;
• Display mode:B,2B,4B ,B/M,M ;
• Adjustable depth: 10 grades, max depth to 236mm;
• Gain:0~127dB;
• Contrast:27~90dB;
• Gray scale:256;
• 8 kinds pseudo colors;
• Normal measurement; Cardio measurement; Gynecology measurement and analysis; OB measurement including; Urology measurement and analysis

General measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume, angle, length and area stenosis ratio measurement.
Obstetric measurement and analysis: 15 kind of obstetric software, several GA measurement, amniotic fluid index, fetal growth curve and OB report.
Gynecology measurement and analysis: gynecology general measurement and gynecology report.
Urology measurement and analysis: residual urine volume, prostate volume, and urology report.
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