Autoclave 60L AT-60

Fully Automatic Vertical
Non Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer (LCD Display)


60L, Class N, Top loading, Vertical with water tank, LCD Display, High quality
Fully automatic vertical sterilizer (LCD display) is suitable for sterilizing surgical instruments, glassware, medium, wastes, dressing which can withstand high temperature and pressure in the places including medical health center (such as laboratory, operation room, supply room) and biomedical research institution.

Technical advantage

 Microcomputer control system adopted is powerful and high reliable.
 Built in water tank, water filling, heating up, sterilizing, drying are automatic
without artificial regulation.
 Touch screen button, messages are shown on LCD display, simple to operate.
 Unwrapped, wrapped, dressings, rubber, user-defined, medium, melt & holding, sterilization & holding procedure are offered to user to select. The parameters of user-defined, medium melt & holding, sterilization & holding can be regulated according to requirement.
 Melt & holding function.
 Sterilization & holding function.
 Various fault alarm system are designed to display fault messages.
 The beep will sound once the sterilization cycle completes.

Safety protective device

Anti dry heating alarm:
The system will cut off its power supply once the water level is lower than the heating pipe, and show the alarm information.
Safety interlock door:
Electric lock to ensure the sterilizer can begin to work only if the door is closed properly. The door can’t be opened when pressure is in chamber or the power supply is not connected.
Over-temperature protection:
The system will stop heating to protect items from being damaged when the temperature in chamber exceed the safe limit.
Over-pressure automatic release safety valve:
The safety valve will begin to release pressure when the pressure in chamber exceeds the desired valve.
Electric safety protective measure: short circuit and leakage current are designed to protect equipment and personal safety.

Main technical parameter

Designed pressure: 0.26MPa
Designed temperature: 150°C
Max. Working pressure: 0.23MPa
Sterilization temperature range: 105°C~136°C
Temperature accurate: 0.1°C
Temperature homogeneity: ≤±0.5°C
Chamber material: SUS304 stainless steel
Water requirement: distilled water or pure water
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